A photo of a grand building, like a town hall, is bathed beneath an orange colour, the words 'Village Idiot' written over the top in an old-fashioned white font.

The Ramps on the Moon co-production for 2023 has now been announced – a co-production with Theatre Royal Stratford East of the hilarious show, Village Idiot.

Lots of details are still to be confirmed, including touring dates to other Ramps venues, but here’s a bit of information of what the show’s all about.


Village Idiot

Written by Samson Hawkins
Directed by Nadia Fall

Presented by Theatre Royal Stratford East, Nottingham Playhouse and Ramps On The Moon.


‘If I were an animal there would be legislation to protect my home, but because I’m just a bloody human they can do whatever the f**k they like.’

Townies have decided they want a lie in, so they’re building a new high-speed railway. Issue is, it’s going right through Barbara Honeybone’s house, and she ‘ent having none of it. Barbara’s grandson Peter works for the townies and it’s his job to convince the village that having a two-tonne bullet hurtling through the cabbage patches will actually be for the best.

Then there’s Harry, Barbara’s younger grandson, he ‘ent that bothered about trains, he’s only got eyes for Debbie Mahoney. But the only thing Barbara hates more than townies is the Mahoneys.

Welcome to Syresham, South Northamptonshire. It’s not quite the Cotswolds, not quite one of those posh villages Americans have in movies, but it does have Syresham’s Got Talent, the headline event of the village fair. They’ll be songs, dancing, magic, drag, a bit of wrestling, and Kevin’s doing a meat raffle (vegetarian option: two tins of Strongbow).

Village Idiot is an audacious comedy, where family feuds kick off around a country fair that you townies are all invited to.


Age Guidance: 14+. Contains very strong language and discusses themes some may find upsetting relating to race, sexuality and disability.


Find out more about the show now from Theatre Royal Stratford East’s website here.

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