Ramps on the Moon Podcast Artwork

Disability equality leader, Michèle Taylor, steers the Ramps on the Moon podcast into the heart of mainstream theatre. With special guests, she discovers/unwraps/reveals the joys, the frustrations, the successes, and the learning in elevating disabled people into the centre of theatre work. Join Michèle as she shares the realities of the ‘now’ and what the future can hold for disability equality in the arts.

Michèle is a disability equality trainer and consultant who set up her own business in 1992 to work with arts and other cultural organisations. She has seen immense change across the sector in that time, and is still impatient for more:

“It’s time to focus on anti-ableism: recognising that as disabled people, we are no longer satisfied with being granted access into an essentially ableist sector. I am proud of the Ramps on the Moon partners for the work they have done to reflect on their own structures and processes, and to share their learning.”