We pioneered ‘Agents for Change’ to help put Disability Equality into practice across our consortium. An Agent for Change is a disabled individual whose job is not to make the change directly, but rather to support others working in the organisation to make those necessary changes. 

They are catalysts, helping to equip and resource staff and leadership within their host organisations to embed Disability Equality. We are seeking to move away from Disability Equality being associated with an ‘expert culture’; it is everybody’s job so everybody needs to build skills and resources and make this an everyday part of their core role.

Our partner organisations are continuing to work with Agents for Change beyond the life of the funded consortium, in one form or another.

Consortium partners all agree that the Agents for Change have been key to making meaningful, lasting change; having a disabled person at the table (literally and metaphorically) changes the conversation in ways that are creatively disruptive.

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